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Process Controllers

Single Loop Controllers: (Click on one of the following links for a pdf data sheet on the controller.)

·           Series SD

·           Series 93

·           Series 96

FMKeefe offers a complete line of Process Controllers from Single Loop, Multi-Loop or Ramping controllers. From basic On-Off control to PID control with burst firing. Universal analog inputs include T/C, RTD, 4-20ma. Outputs include Switched DC, Solid State Relay, Mechanical Relay, 4-20ma process outputs. Controllers can also include serial communications (RS 232/485) with Modbus.


Connect controllers to your TCP/IP network with Watlow’s EM-Gateway. Add Watview HMI package to your PC and Setup controllers and produce Trend plots from your office. Receive email alerts and pager messages if a zone goes into alarm.

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